recent letter to my fam

hey guys,

look i know you probably think that i am insane and full of shit, but
i am finally taking the steps to inquire about moving on and
immigrating elsewhere soon…by the end of the year i will probably
have about $12-$15k saved assuming i keep working at the rate i am and
i am looking for your input…i kinda have my heart set on the south
paficic because i have experience and familiarity with it and i know i
can get a visa to work, at least temporarily…i have got in touch
with fiji, samoa, and tonga immigration, plus i know australia and nz
are options, but i think i would prefer a more “3rd world” island
country because of the pace of life and what not, but here is the
thing – if it makes it easier on everyone, i am willing to reconsider
the carribean and central america because i know it is much easier to
travel a few hours than say 12 to fiji or 14 to nz…it would be far
more expensive for me to go that route, but i do have other people to
consider and dont want to make it all about me, so your input would be
greatly appreciated…eventually i think that ideally, once i obtain a
second passport, i would probably come to the u.. for about 4 months
of every year to work depending on my situation or whatever, but that
all depends on how long the process takes, so i have to prepare for it
taking as long as 5 years before i am able to actually return, which
is a bit disheartening, but this is what i have always wanted and i
will be sooo mad at myself if i dont do it…so i guess that’s it, let
me know what you are thinking/feeling…thanks



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