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recent flicks without any chicks

October 6, 2009

so ive decided to start a blog and just kind of run my mouth about whatever the hell i want to since i guess that is that is the point of the blog, i guess…anyway i pretty much go out and check out just about every mainstream movie that is released and a lot of indie flicks too and i have to tell ya it’s been a good week…first, late last week i saw the movie adaptation of “i hope they serve beer in hell,” and i really enjoyed it despite the fact that i had to drive 40 miles to DC in order to see it…if you don’t know of the book, i suggest you read it for just the shock of it – but the thing that stuck out about the movie is that, in the end, it had a soul and the “hero,” is the same guy that is the villain of sorts – i recommend this book and the film, though it is not for the faint of heart, that is for damned sure…next up i saw zombieland, which i have to tell ya, seemed like the stupidest idea for a movie but i really enjoyed it as well, though i have to admit i have a soft spot for “adventureland” star jessie eisenberg (sp?) and it was kinda cool to see abigail breslin (after dancing around to superfreak at such a young age) sunning around stealing cars from humans including the ever-gullible eisenberg and more hardened woody harrelson as well as shooting up zombies…awesome…

anyone who knows me knows how i feel about politics and my extreme liberal views, so it is no surprise that i enjoyed michael moore’s “capitalism: a love story,” but the reason i loved it has little to do my my political views, i loved the fact that mr. moore simplified and explained just how pissed off americans should be about just how much the financial sector of our economy abuses citizens and buys politicians, moore’s stupid gimmicks like pulling up to wall street in an armored car and demanding our money back, are…well…in a word, stupid, but it only underscores just how bad thing shave gotten that he can go to these lengths to prove his point and americans like me, who are just numb to everything dismiss his antics as stupid…his movies make you think and want to rise up, i can only hope that we finally take a hint from him and start taking what is rightfully ours…revolution, BITCHES!!!

last but not least, today i saw “the invention of lying,” and i absolutely was enthralled…the movie was simultaneously hilarious and disheartening and although it did get a bit sappy and was probably about 10 minutes too long, it was really damned good…for those who have not seen it, it has the most hilarious cameo by edward norton, who doesnt have the best reputation amongst the acting community, but this tiny role has me reconsidering…of course, you don’t need me to tell you that in the end, guy gets girl and the live happily ever after, but hey it’s about the journey, not the end result, right?

so that’s all i have to say about the movies i saw this week, except that surrogates and pandorum respectively make me wanna put a loaded weapon in my mouth in hindsight, but i digress…

ohh – i ate at cheesecake factory today, ahi tuna tartare was really good, thai pasta was mediocre and the bartender was nice, cheesecake is pretty mediocre in general, but at least it’s consistent…i guess consistent is better than bad…ummm….ok…also i’d like to say that i am getting annoyed with girls/women…fucking hell, just say what you mean and get on with it…ive never really had to deal with a lying biatch until recently and i certainly did not enjoy it, so let’s keep it simple ladies…if i’m talking to you, most likely i am thinking about fucking you in some way, but that’s not a bad thing necessarily, it’s like an audition for something, like, long-term…so don’t take it personally…anyway i have rambled enough…comment on my shit and i will keep rambling, otherwise i probably keep it up anyway…later bitches!

ps – blueprint 3 – another mediocre cd from a great hiphop artist, meh